Interview With Lillian


Ashley Ayris: How long have you been at FSD?

Lillian: I have been dancing at FSD for two years, and I have enjoyed it a lot.

A: Why do you dance?

L: I dance because it is a way to express myself through different types and styles of music. Also, dance is a great way to meet new people and have fun with friends.

A: What is your favorite style of dance and why?

L: Although they are fairly different, contemporary and hip-hop are my favorite styles of dance. In contemporary, you can really express yourself through different emotions while having fun and dancing. Hip-hop is upbeat, fast-paced, and really fun.

A: Outside of FSD, how do you like to spend your time?

L: Outside of dance, I cheer and play the piano. Both of these are super fun and another way to have fun through music.

A: What does this year’s theme Treasured mean to you?

L: To me, the theme Treasured means that, no matter where or who you are, God treasures each and every one of us. He sent His one and only Son to save us from our sins, and that is just one of the many examples of how we are loved and treasured by God.


Ashley Ayris
School of Dance Manager

Summer at Fellowship School of Dance

At Fellowship School of Dance, we are quickly moving to the end of our season with our Spring Performances on May 13th and 14th . Even though fall registration opens April 1st for returning families and May 1st for new families, the next school year won’t start up again until August 29th. That’s over three months away!

Dancing over the summer can help bridge this gap by keeping dancers physically and mentally in shape. There are no pressures of school, and dancers are able fully focus on dance. It can even be a great time to try new styles or really dig into that style you love!

Oftentimes, classes in the summer can lead to greater improvement, because dancers are here for a concentrated amount of time. For example, our Junior and Senior Intensives will give more serious ballet students a significant amount of training in a short amount of time.

For beginners or more advanced dancers, summer can be a great time to try out something new. Let’s say we have a dancer at Fellowship School of Dance who has always wanted to try Contemporary but she isn’t sure she wants to commit to the whole year yet. She could sign up for our Summer Workshop and get a taste for it before enrolling in it for the school year.

Summer classes can set up dancers for success in the school year by keeping them in shape, allowing them to focus concentrated energy on dance, and allowing them to try new styles. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our littlest dancers! Even they can dance with us this summer by signing up for one of our camps for ages 3 to 6. There’s something for everyone. Come dance with us this summer!

Student Spotlight: Jessica


Ashley: How long have you been at Fellowship School of Dance?

Jessica: Almost 5 years.

A: Why do you dance?

J: It’s just one way I can express my joy in the One who delights in me and use these gifts to glorify Him! It’s also a really fun way to be active.

A: What is your favorite style of dance and why?

J: Contemporary is definitely my favorite—it’s both challenging and freeing. You take mental and physical risks essential to discovering who you are as a dancer while having the freedom to incorporate your own creativity.

A: Outside of FSD, how do you like to spend your time?

J: I love leading worship with my community, juicing it up at Franklin Juice Co., hanging out with family and friends, doing photography, enjoying the sun and pretty much any physical activity!

A: What does this year’s theme Treasured mean to you?

J: Simply that we are precious to our Father. We are His beloved! We have the opportunity to share the joy of knowing He loves us, He wants us, and we are His treasure!


Ashley Ayris
School of Dance Manager

Up Close With Lindsey Robert

Ashley: How long have you been at FSD?

Lindsey: I’ve been here in two different waves. I started working here when FSD first opened in 2005 and worked here until around 2008. Then I officially returned for the Spring Semester in 2013. In total, I’ve been around a while!

A: What are you most excited about this year?

L: This is such a fun season for me. I am becoming a mother soon!

A: What is your favorite style of dance?

L: I have a few: Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary.

A: Describe a day in the life of Lindsey Robert.

L: I am no longer dancing personally, so for this season during times I’m not teaching or preparing for my classes (such as studying the curriculum, picking music, planning out recital details, etc.), I am keeping up with things around the house, cooking, meal-planning, working out, and preparing for my baby’s arrival in a few weeks. At the end of the day, I always wind down by spending time with my husband.

A: What is your favorite food?

L: Indian food! Bombay Bistro in Cool Springs is my favorite place. (Check it out!)

A: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

L: I love seeing the students excited to learn. I love it when they grasp a new concept, and when they get excited when they discover they can do something they didn’t know they were capable of doing.

A: Outside of being an Instructor, how do you like to spend your time?

L: I keep myself pretty busy during the day. I love reading and learning, working out, watching movies during down time, making jewelry, organizing, and spending time with friends and family. When the weather is nice, you’ll find me outdoors somewhere.

A: What is your favorite trip you’ve been on?

L: I’ve been to Israel twice, an incredible experience for which I’m forever grateful.

A: Tell me about your family.

L: I’m married to my best friend, John, who is smart, kind, and hilarious. We are so thrilled to soon be meeting our little one. We also have a dog, Danny, who is a sweet, goofy, and happy 12 pound poodle. He keep us entertained with his antics.


Ashley Ayris
School of Dance Manager

Dance Revolution

Our senior company, In Motion Dance Company, recently traveled to Winston-Salem, NC to attend Dance Revolution. Dance Revolution is a Christian dance conference held in multiple locations throughout the U.S.

The dancers participated in group fundraisers and some of them fundraised on their own as well. Fundraisers included a Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A, selling hair bows in the lobby, babysitting, and selling pies. We are so thankful for how FSD families participated in these fundraisers! It really helped the girls work towards their goal.

What did the weekend look like? Twelve dancers, four instructors, and three chaperones met at FSD on Friday morning and drove to Winston-Salem. That evening, the group had pizza at the hotel and attended the DR kick off party at the convention center. The party had a “holidays” theme and the girls were encouraged to dress up as their favorite holiday. On Saturday morning, the girls had an early breakfast and headed to the morning devotional. Then they attended classes, had lunch, and attended more classes. Then they ate dinner and prepared for their performances. They performed two pieces – “Have Your Way” and “Say Yes”. On Sunday, the girls attended a worship service and production, more classes, and a faculty performance before hitting the road to return to Nashville.

An In Motion Dance Company parent and chaperone on the trip had this to say: “Dance Revolution was a wonderful experience. The staff incorporated a Christian view into everything they did. They taught the dancers to pray their dances, not perform their dances and to focus on excellence, not perfection. My daughter is already looking forward to attending the conference next year, and I certainly plan to go again, as well.”

What an amazing weekend! I knew God had something special for each dancer there. As a teacher, I was refreshed and inspired.”
— Amie Barriger, Director of In Motion Dance Company


We’re so proud of our dancers and thankful for those who supported them with fundraising, instructors who choreographed and rehearsed, and chaperones who traveled with them!