Going En Pointe

Have you ever wondered how a dancer gets to go en pointe? Here’s some insight to how it works at Fellowship School of Dance.

Pre-Pointe Training

Pointe training begins with our instructors recommending a student enroll in a pre-pointe class. In order for students to be recommended, they must currently be enrolled in Ballet II (taking a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week). Students who wish to go en pointe are also strongly encouraged to take Conditioning for Dancers as preparation. A dancer’s training in pre-pointe can last at least one year. Students are taught to build strength in their feet and ankles, as well as increase core strength.


Beginning Pointe and Beyond

The next step is being recommended for Beginning Pointe and buying the first pair of pointe shoes! Our instructors typically will go with a group of students to a dancewear store for a pointe shoe fitting. Getting the first pair of pointe shoes is a very special and magical experience for a dancer. It is a sort of rite of passage and is to be celebrated.  Photographs are encouraged to help mark the event. Mrs. Cadle says a young dancer never loves pointe work as much as they do in this moment! Dancers may then be recommended to move to Pointe I and start to perform en pointe. As they progress and build strength and ability, they can move up through the levels to the highest level of Pointe III. 


Ashley Ayris

School of Dance Manager