Student Spotlight: Jessica


Ashley: How long have you been at Fellowship School of Dance?

Jessica: Almost 5 years.

A: Why do you dance?

J: It’s just one way I can express my joy in the One who delights in me and use these gifts to glorify Him! It’s also a really fun way to be active.

A: What is your favorite style of dance and why?

J: Contemporary is definitely my favorite—it’s both challenging and freeing. You take mental and physical risks essential to discovering who you are as a dancer while having the freedom to incorporate your own creativity.

A: Outside of FSD, how do you like to spend your time?

J: I love leading worship with my community, juicing it up at Franklin Juice Co., hanging out with family and friends, doing photography, enjoying the sun and pretty much any physical activity!

A: What does this year’s theme Treasured mean to you?

J: Simply that we are precious to our Father. We are His beloved! We have the opportunity to share the joy of knowing He loves us, He wants us, and we are His treasure!


Ashley Ayris
School of Dance Manager