Summer at Fellowship School of Dance

At Fellowship School of Dance, we are quickly moving to the end of our season with our Spring Performances on May 13th and 14th . Even though fall registration opens April 1st for returning families and May 1st for new families, the next school year won’t start up again until August 29th. That’s over three months away!

Dancing over the summer can help bridge this gap by keeping dancers physically and mentally in shape. There are no pressures of school, and dancers are able fully focus on dance. It can even be a great time to try new styles or really dig into that style you love!

Oftentimes, classes in the summer can lead to greater improvement, because dancers are here for a concentrated amount of time. For example, our Junior and Senior Intensives will give more serious ballet students a significant amount of training in a short amount of time.

For beginners or more advanced dancers, summer can be a great time to try out something new. Let’s say we have a dancer at Fellowship School of Dance who has always wanted to try Contemporary but she isn’t sure she wants to commit to the whole year yet. She could sign up for our Summer Workshop and get a taste for it before enrolling in it for the school year.

Summer classes can set up dancers for success in the school year by keeping them in shape, allowing them to focus concentrated energy on dance, and allowing them to try new styles. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our littlest dancers! Even they can dance with us this summer by signing up for one of our camps for ages 3 to 6. There’s something for everyone. Come dance with us this summer!