2019-2020 Student Handbook 


We suggest arriving 10 minutes before class to prepare. Students should use the restroom before class begins. All students must be lined up and waiting at the far door of each studio BEFORE the start of each class. Students will wait to enter until instructors are ready to receive them. All students will exit the studio from the door nearest the lobby.

Students in level II classes and up may come and go without a parent. Students in Creative Movement, all Intro classes, as well as Level I classes must be dropped off and picked up at the studio door by a parent. Siblings may not drop off or pick up younger siblings without written permission from the office. Parents must remain with their student until the instructor receives the class. Please do not allow your dancer to enter the studio if there is not a teacher or teacher assistant present


FSD will issue each dancer two “pick-up passes” if they are participating in a class for which parents must drop off and pick up at the studio door. A pass MUST be presented to the instructor at pick-up. Failure to present an FSD issued “pick-up pass” may result in delay of pick-up.


All students must be picked up on time. A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged to parents who are beyond five minutes late. If you know you will be late, please make every effort to call (615) 277-9573 to let us know.


Enrollment in Fellowship School of Dance is for the entire school year.

We encourage you to stress the importance of NOT MISSING CLASS unless there is an emergency or sickness. Even with a doctor's note, absences due to illness will still be considered an absence. In an extreme circumstance such as extended illness or extended othopedic issues, consideration may be made on an individual basis. Please note that students must be fever free and noncontageous for 24 hours before returning to class.

Regular and consistent attendance is important. The progress of the entire class is hindered when class must be stopped to re-teach what was missed at an earlier session. We have also found that students feel a lack of confidence in class after having several absences.

Good nutrition is essential for a dancer’s physical and mental health. Please keep this in mind when planning snacks and meals.


Please contact the office if you know ahead of time that your student will be absent from class. We will notify their instructor. If a student comes to class ill, they will be taken to the front desk and a parent will be notified to pick up the student.

Enrollment in Fellowship School of Dance commits a student to all rehearsals for the spring performance and the performance itself. We ask that these events take priority over other activities during the spring months.

Students may have to be excused from the recital if they incur more than four absences in the second half of the dance year.


Students arriving more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe class rather than participate. Students who are routinely late, no matter by how many minutes, may also be asked to observe at the instructor’s discretion.


Teaching a child the meaning of commitment is another basic building block of character – and commitment is always costly! If your dancer seems discouraged, please let us know. Many times there may be a simple solution to the problem, or an extra dose of encouragement may do the trick! Please pray for our discernment.

Sometimes the strenuous nature of combinations, the challenge of learning new material and the difficulty of completing a task presents an overwhelming reaction in a student. We want to stress the importance of finishing a class and learning to respond appropriately to a challenge. Many times when things might seem insurmountable, they actually can be conquered and mastered with appropriate training and practice.


Students can make up a missed day of class in any class of the same level or a level below. All make up requests must be approved through the front office by emailing dance@fbctn.org prior to attending a different class. Please keep in mind that during second semester, a portion of class time is given to recital preparation. Second semester make ups do not alleviate absences as choreography is class-specific.


All dance classes take place in the Learning Center at the Brentwood Campus of Fellowship Bible Church. The School of Dance shares the Learning Center (LC) with many other ministries. We ask that an adult supervise any accompanying children and only use the following reserved spaces:

The main lobby and fireplace lobby on the 1st floor, The outdoor playground, LC 124-126: 1st floor playroom, 2nd floor lobby, LC 250: 2nd floor quiet study room (students 10 and up may use this room independently)


A minimum of six students is required for a class to convene. Students placed on a waiting list will not be charged the registration fee or tuition unless placed in a class.


Costume fees are due in October. See the current season calendar for a specific date. Families may request a costume fee payment plan, the first installment of which must be paid in October. All payment plans must conclude on or before February 7th.

All costume fees and tuition balances must be paid before a child receives their costume in the spring. If you withdraw your child after we have ordered costumes, you will still be responsible for the cost of the costume and a refund will not be issued. You may pick up the costume when it comes in. If costumes are not picked up by the end of the season, Fellowship School of Dance will donate them.



The Learning Center is a nut-free facility. Any food items containing nuts such as peanut butter must be eaten and disposed of outside of the building.

Students are not allowed in the studios unless a teacher is present or has given permission.

Students should refrain from talking during class unless called upon by a teacher.

Students should not leave the studio during class unless permission is given by the teacher.

Food and drink are not allowed in the studios. Water bottles are acceptable, however access to them is a t the discretion of the teacher. Sipping on water after every combination is unnecessary.

Chewing gum should be disposed of before coming into the studios.

Dance barres are for stretching and class work. Students should not hang on the barres.

Help us keep the mirrors clean by not touching or leaning on the mirrors in the studios.


Cell Phone and other electronic device use is prohibited during class. Teachers may collect phones at the beginning of class and redistribute at the end of class. Phones will be conficated if students are found utilizing electronics during dance class. The exception for this policy is for accessing music for use in class or rehearsal at the teacher's discretion.

We encourage dancers to keep cell phones and electronics away between classes and to spend that time interacting with fellow dancers as well as preparing for the next class. Exceptions would be for homework in which a laptop is needed. Students may be asked to put devices away by faculty and staff while in hallways. We encourage students to remember to never text anything that they would not say to someone when face to face.


Please remember that as a student of Fellowship School of Dance, you represent not only the school, but also Fellowship Bible Church, as well as your family and most importantly God. We are called to be ambassadors of a Heavenly Kingdom. Please remember this when posting on any social media feeds.


Do not bring toys or valuables to class. Do not bring valuable to the studio.

Please label all removable items your student wears or brings to class.

Students may be asked to leave belongings in the hallway outside of the studio if the class is large.

Lost and found items will be held in the 1st floor closet, under the stairs. Periodically this is cleaned out and usable items are given to charity.


Sibling Discount: 10% off the lesser tuition Fellowship Employees: 50% discount off tuition per student (Discounts may be combined if both apply.) Spells Dancewear: Mention that your student dances with Fellowship School of Dance for 10% off your entire order!


Please remember that all tuition payments are due on or before the 7th of each month. Other fee due dates are communicated on the season calendar. Please take note that we do not send monthly reminders or statements.

A $15 late fee will automatically be added to all accounts with a past due balance, late fees are assessed per unpaid fee (registration, tuition, costume, performance). Past due notices are sent out if your account is one week overdue.


There will be one parent observation week per semester. Parents may observe at another time by contacting the teacher and making a request.


Due to our population and studio availability, the teachers have very little time, if any, between classes to talk. If you would like to speak with a teacher more extensively, you may leave notice with the front desk requesting a phone call or meeting. We will have the instructor contact you.


The performance fee covers the cost of the use and cleanup of the performance facility and outsourced staffing. All performance fees are due in February. See the current season calendar for specific due date and current fee.


If the director must cancel a class due to low enrollment and we cannot place the student in another class, any credit balance will be refunded. Otherwise, there are no refunds for missed classes. You are responsible for tuition regardless of absences. Missed classes may be made up in another class of the same level or one level below. Contact the Fellowship School of Dance office to schedule all make-up classes.


Fellowship School of Dance does not follow any particular school system’s inclement weather policy. If inclement weather occurs, you can visit our website, check your email, view our Facebook page for the latest announcements, or call (615) 277-9573 for updates on class changes or cancellations. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will only be made up after three cancellations. Refunds or tuition adjustments are not made for missed classes due to inclement weather.


Enrollment at Fellowship School of Dance is for the entire season. However, we understand that extenuating circumstances sometimes necessitate withdrawal during the season. If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from class, you must do so in writing (letter and email are both acceptable). Withdrawal cannot be done by phone or through a third party.


Enrollment at Fellowship School of Dance is for the entire season. However, we understand that extenuating circumstances sometimes necessitate withdrawal during the season. If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from class, you must do so in writing (letter and email are both acceptable). Withdrawal cannot be done by phone or through a third party.

WITHDRAWAL IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR - Notification of withdrawal in writing is required by the last day of the month to release a family from tuition obligations for the next month.

WITHDRAWAL IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR - Notification of withdrawal in writing is required by the last day of the month to release a family from tuition obligations for the next month. Additionally, since class sizes become set early in the second semester, withdrawals received after December 31st will incur an administrative fee equal to 25% of the remaining tuition for the season. For example, a family who provides a written notice of withdrawal on January 1st would be responsible for 100% of January tuition and 25% of February, March, and April tuition.

SUMMER ONLY - If it becomes necessary to withdraw your student from a summer program, you must withdraw in writing at least two weeks in advance of the first day of the summer camp, intensive, or workshop in order to be excused from tuition obligations. All registration fees are non-refundable and tuition is non-refundable if notice of withdrawal is received less than two weeks in advance of the first day of the program. Withdrawal cannot be done by phone or through a third party. This can be done via either a formal e-mail or letter.