Hair must be securely pulled away from the face for ALL CLASSES. For Creative Movement, and lyrical classes, ballet buns are preferred but ponytails are acceptable. For all other ballet classes, ballet buns are required. For tap, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary classes, ponytails or ballet buns are acceptable. If hair is too short to make a bun, please pull hair away from face into a ponytail and secure with clips and hair spray.


Making a Ballet Bun:

Dancers will need the following supplies with them in their dance bag (for all ages): Brush and comb, nylon hair net, braided elastic band, barrettes/clips, hair pins and bobby pins, hair spray.


  1. Brush hair smooth. Remove all tangles.
  2. Spray hair lightly with hair spray.
  3. Smooth hair with hands and secure wisps, layers or short ends into ponytail and secure with a braided elastic band (do not use rubber bands – they tear hair).
  4. Secure sides and back of hair with clips or barrettes.
  5. Divide ponytail into two sections and twist-or-divide ponytail into three sections and braid. Wrap each section of twisted or braided hair clockwise around the braided elastic band. Secure with hair pins and bobby pins as you wrap.
  6. Place the net over the bun; twist the net over the bun at least two times. 
  7. Tuck ends of hair net into the bottom of the bun and secure with hair or bobby pins.
  8. Spray hair and bun with hair spray to set. Smooth with hand or comb.

Why Do Dancers Wear Their Hair This Way?

Credible professional dance schools require their students to wear their hair up for class. The correct use and placement of the head and neck are very important in dance for concentration and balance. Hair must be pulled back in this way to allow instructors to see the development, technique and growth of the head, neck and shoulders so that they can give proper corrections. 

Unsecured hair is distracting and can throw a dance off balance, especially when turning. Bangs and wisps can inhibit the dancer’s line of sight. A uniformed look is desired in class and is essential for neat grooming, confidence and conscientiousness. This also demonstrates the value of being prepared and focuses the student’s expression into their dancing.